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our cats

Meet the Executive staff

Sugar Bear

The Vice President

Sugar is known for doing a lot of napping on the job, especially at Christmas time (it’s her favorite holiday) which is great because she is quite photogenic.  Consider yourself lucky if you get the opportunity to pet her.  Princess Sugar normally dislikes most humans, but when she is feeling the love, she prefers to receive her daily dose of human contact from ladies who are just as distinguished as she is.


head of security

Whether it’s a mouse, a snake or some other critter, Fluffy keeps a sharp eye out for intruders.  Fluff is the longest tenured kitty here at BRN and he takes that responsibility very seriously. When Fluffy is actually here and not off doing recon, he can be quite sweet.  Sometimes he will let you meet you in the parking lot and let you hold him.  Fluffy enjoys head scratches, canned food and long walks along the railroad tracks. 

head Greeter and Chief

If you have visited BRN in the last 10 years, there is a good chance you have run into our big boy Smokey.  He likes to stick his nose into EVERYTHING!  Smokey has the most beautiful black coat you will ever see on a cat. When it’s cold, Smokey kinda skips out on greeting customers and prefers to nap in the office, or in the bathroom (don’t be alarmed, he won’t look). If you ever have the chance to get a cat like Smokey, you should definitely do it.

KitKat and fancy


Most of you don’t know these two cuties, but yes, these bob-tail siblings are the future of Blue Ribbon!  Unfortunately, they are like your typical teenagers. They are super lazy and immature.  Currently, they live in the office and are kind of scared of the outside world.  However, they are as sweet as honey.  

KitKat, aka “Bubba-Louie, will let you hold him upside down and pet his big fat belly and Fancy enjoys a good head scratching and flopping around on our smelly work boots.