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Folks, we are in some very trying times. We have been
vigilant and have taken many precautions to protect our
employees, and our customers, during this COVID_19 crisis.
At this time, unfortunately, we have to make some more
changes here at Blue Ribbon Nursery.
Starting on Tuesday, the Nursery and Garden Center will be
open from 9am-4pm. We welcome curbside and phone in
orders. Our website is a great place to shop, as well. We will
be self imposing the “10 person rule” for the Garden Center
and the “office” area. We will be very vocal in reminding
everyone that you need to take part in social distancing. If we
feel you aren’t taking these instructions seriously, you will be
asked to leave. We will not be opening on Sunday’s until
further notice.
We have always been open and honest with you guys, and
this time is no different. We are contemplating closing the
Garden Center, but we are going to try to keep it open under
these new guidelines. We pray this is only for the short term
and we hope that these measures will protect everyone.
If anything changes, we will notify you guys first.
Please stay safe everyone and God Bless.
Josh & Chad



Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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